Filing for Oregon Unemployment

In the state of Oregon if you are unemployed and need to file a claim for Unemployment Insurance, you can contact you’re the Oregon Unemployment Insurance Center. They are ready to help relieve your family’s financial situation temporarily, until you find more gainful employment.

If you would like to file a claim for Unemployment Insurance you must meet certain requirements in order not to be disqualified for payment. You have to have earned at least $1,000 in wages or at least worked 500 hours within that base year.

All claimants are required to serve one waiting week per claim and will not receive payment for that waiting week. You are eligible to claim at that weeks ending or at midnight on Saturdays. You will have the following Saturday to claim the prior week.

All claimants must meet certain requirements to remain eligible or to continue to receive their Unemployment Insurance benefits. Those requirements are as follows:

· You must be unemployed.

· You must be physically and mentally able to work.

· You must be available to work most for the type of work you are actively seeking.

· You must live in the area you are seeking work in.

In the state of Oregon while receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must actively seek work throughout your benefit payment period. You must report immediately if your status upgrades, in that you become gainfully employed.

To remain active within the Oregon Unemployment Insurance Center you must fully register for work using the iMatchSkills® job matching system. Only those who are members of the Union are exempt from this job matching system. You are able to register in person one of the nearest Oregon Unemployment Insurance Centers or the WorkSource Oregon office.

Your active status will not change if you make sure you contact new employers or those you have worked for in the past, inquiring about a position within their company. It might be a good idea to keep records of who it was you spoke with and all of their contact information, their names and they type of job you applied for.

If you have met all the requirements to receive benefits there are two types of possible payment options to receive your monies. You can choose to be paid by Direct Deposit or using the ReliaCard Visa debit card. Using a direct deposit form will allow the funds to be deposited into your banks without you having to cash your check at all. If you want to use a prepaid debit card as your payment type, you would be sent a prepaid debit card or U.S. Bank ReliaCard which will hold your unemployment insurance payments as they are deposited by the bank.

If there aren’t any reasons to stop or deny your payments you will continue being paid throughout the pre-determined timeframe. There are several reasons to withhold or completely stop your Oregon Unemployment Insurance payments including:

· Quitting a job or being fired.

· Not being able to work for both mental and physical reasons.

· Attending college or a school.

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